"The presence of a message-body in a request" -- emphasis on "in a request."
#1 JD on 2010-05-10 12:17
Oops, I managed to read your post wrong, I thought you were talking about a response. Feel free to delete my comments.
#1.1 JD on 2010-05-10 12:19
If I remember correctly, it's because it isn't HTTP. It just happens to use a similar header format.
#2 David (Link) on 2010-05-10 14:03
I've just come crashing head first into this problem whilst trying to implement a websocket server using mvc.

Essentially I receive all the headers intact but a 0 length body. I presume that isn't providing me the body because there's no length specified.

So I wonder if Microsoft need to fix their server or if Hickson needs to fix his draft.
#3 Ryan Worsley on 2010-10-30 02:41
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